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“Unplugged For Nashville” charity event raises over $70,000

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Some of Nashville’s most popular artists took the stage at the charity event “Unplugged for Tennessee”, held to raise proceeds for local charities working to assist communities following the devastation after tornadoes hit middle Tennessee on Dec. 9th. The tornadoes killed six people and injuring 83 others, with many businesses and homes left destroyed or significantly damaged.

“Unplugged for Tennessee” featured country artists HARDY, Nate Smith, Alana Springsteen, Dylan Marlowe, Chayce Beckham, Abby Anderson, Trey Lewis, Graham Barham, Payton Smith, Jay Allen and more, and gave 100% of the event’s proceeds to charities such as the Red Cross and Hands On Nashville, who are helping to lead the disaster response initiatives. According to an Instagram post from the show’s host, Genji Chord, the evening raised over $70,000 for tornado relief.

Media Farm Agency Founder Matt Wilson shared how his team was able to organize the event just days after the tornadoes affected the area: “This benefit came together extremely fast, thanks to the help of our team and our great friends that wanted to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by the storm. We are so thankful for the artists who volunteered so quickly to help and donate their time and talent for such a worthy cause. Being prepared is key when something like this happens, so we chose to benefit Hands on Nashville and The American Red Cross, who are leaders in disaster response in Middle Tennessee.”

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