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Old Dominion to open ‘Odie’s Bar & Music Venue’ in Nashville

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Old Dominion announced plans to open a new bar/music venue in Summer 2024 near Music Row in Nashville called Odie’s, located at 1919 Division St.

Old Dominion teamed with Good Time Design, the hospitality and entertainment group behind Sonny’s Patio Pub and Cerveza Jack’s in Nashville, to create the concept for Odie’s. Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen says: “We didn’t quite know what it was, but we also knew what we were missing. The more we talked, the more we realized we wanted a bar like the places we went to when we were just having our first cuts, hanging out with other writers … We wanted it to be a place where a group of songwriters who might have a band could play, or someone starting out might be able to be part of a writers thing and get heard. You know, pay it forward because all these years later, we know it works. That’s much better than just a temple to who we think we are.”

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